Help using this software

Training organisations

As a training organisation you can register your organisation in the DCM system and allow your students to undertake HSE certified exams.
The process is simple and straight forward. Click the 'Trainer registration' link at the top, complete the agreement and fill out your company details.
An email with a verification link will be sent to the email address provided and after clicking the link you can log into the system.
You will then have two choices, selecting start examination or view examination history.


As an individual in order to take the examination you will be required to complete an approved training course with an approved DCM training organisation.
After taking the training, the trainer will allow you to take an examination on site under their supervision.

About the exam

The examination is a single web page of 12 multiple choice questions. You will need to pass with a score of 10 or higher in order to pass. You will be allowed 3 attempts to pass.